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Estate & Property - Clean Outs

A-1 Cleaning Company's clean out service has proven to be an invaluable tool for many bank trust departments, attorneys, estate executors, real estate agents, landlords, property manag-ers and private individuals. Once selected items have been removed by property representatives, A-1 Cleaning Company's team of professionals will clear out the residence of all remaining items and household debris. We will leave the premises "broom clean" or "fully cleaned" in preparation for final inspection and/or real estate closing.

A-1 Cleaning Company owner or field project manager will attend and closely supervise each cleanout to ensure our clients receive exceptional hands-on service. We are courteous and respectful in the removal of personal property.

Bank Trusts / Attorneys / Estate Executors

We specialize in providing considerate service where personal property must be removed from a  location due to delicate situations such as the  passing of loved ones, relocation to assisted care facilities, and/or general estate maintenance. We can arrange transport of selected items to other properties, charities, auction houses, etc. A-1 Cleaning Company will provide you with the  appropriate paperwork and /or tax receipts. A-1 Cleaning Company's team of professionals will clear out all remaining items and household  debris. We will leave the premises cleaned to your specifications, in preparation for final inspection.

Real Estate Agents / Landlords / Property Managers

A-1 Cleaning Company provides service to vacant real estate properties that need that extra clean touch to attract potential buyers or renters. We pay attention to the small details that Real Estate Agents know sell homes. Showing a property that sparkles and shines increases the likelihood of a quick sales contract or lease signing. We go the extra mile to help you get your property looking its best in this competitive market.

Private Individuals
Moving In / Moving Out?

Relax and start enjoying your new home. moving from one place to another is tedious and stressful. Let A-1 Cleaning Company help you take the stress out of your next move, by cleaning your new home as well as your previous residence.

Be confident that every inch of your new home is clean and disinfected before you unpack your items. Your previous residence will be clean and ready for sale or landlord inspection. This will guarantee a quick property sale or a full security deposit refund.

Unwanted Items
A-1 Cleaning Co. has many options available to our customers for the removal of your unwanted items. We work with various auction houses and many local charities to dispose of your sellable and useable items.

A call to A-1 Cleaning Co. doesn't mean your unwanted items add to the planet's pollution problems. We work with a number of firms and organizations to recycle your castoffs. This puts less in the landfills, and lets you sleep better at night knowing you've done your part.

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