A-1 Cleaning Co.

Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction

 Fabulous results 
 Restores matted carpet fibers 
 Kills bacteria 
 Removes allergens, pollen, dust mites and mold spores 
 Dries in 2-8 hours

Hot-water extraction cleaning is the right choice for all soiling conditions.

Hot water extraction cleaning works with 4 factors; HOT WATER, Cleaning Agents, Agitation and High Pressure Vacuum. The 200+ degree water makes the cleaning agents work very efficiently. This is key to low/no residue carpet cleaning. The scrubwand agitates the carpet fibers, suspending the soil, while the high pressure vacuum removes the soil and water. (The carpet backing stays dry!) We take an extra step and make a dry pass, thus removing any excess water, which will speed drying. If you need to use an area right away, we will clean that area first, and install a turbo fan to dry the room before we leave. 

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