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A-1 Cleaning Co. is a professional commercial & industrial cleaning service, which is fully insured and bonded. We provide you with a professionally trained team of workers who will be aware of all your cleaning needs. We guarantee timely service, professional conduct and quality work. Our employees wear A-1 Cleaning Co. uniforms and badges to identify them-selves. A typical crew has two or three individuals, to each job, consisting of a supervisor and team members. At times, some jobs require larger crews.

Conduct: Our employees do not smoke, eat or drink while in your business, nor do they watch TV or listen to the radio. They are there for only one reason ..to clean.

SECURITY:  By use of our Sprint phone / walkie talkie system, our crews are in  direct contact with management at all times. They are trained to report any problems or concerns, such as ceiling leaks, plumbing problems, suspicious characters, etc., to help safeguard your business.  

Keys: All of our regular customers provide us with keys. We use a proven lock-box system to safeguard the security of your business. Keys are signed out & in only by our supervisors. By using a unique coding system, your business name  or address is never attached to the keys, and is known only to A-1 Cleaning Co. supervisors.

Alarms: Our crew leaders and supervisors are trained and familiar with all types of alarm systems and emergency procedures.

Service Cost:  A-1 Cleaning Co. provides customized cleaning services that are avail-able daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time. Each business or  office will be custom planned and priced to ensure our cleaning will meet the customer's needs and budget.  Service Cost varies depending on cleaning duties, frequency, size of  facility, condition and location.

What Sets Us Apart:  At A-1 Cleaning Co., we pride ourselves on doing excellent work, and on being dependable and honest. We choose our employees with the same care you take in selecting a cleaning service. Our employees are carefully trained in the use of cleaning products and equipment. We partner with local industry leading janitorial suppliers to provide our customers with the best commercial grade cleaning agents, supplies and equipment. 

Quality Control:  Our cleaning teams are consistent, reliable and take great pride in their work. We want to ensure that you are happy with our service at all times. We constantly monitor our service - as well as your satisfaction with it - through walk-thrus, emails, and phone conversations. We encourage feedback and suggestions, and ask for you to telephone us directly with any concerns. A daily log book will be set up at the customer's building to facilitate communication between the customer and our staff.

Payment Policy:  Customers will be sent a monthly invoice by direct mail. Payment is due within 30 days.

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